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A chance for the Canberra community to come out for Mental Health Month and have family some fun! Join icons standing up for game and experience MIT Ballpark as a community that support Mental Health Peer Support
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Game day 17/10/21

Time: 5pm to 7pm

ACT- Office of Mental Health Work Plan 2019

covid19 management plan

how you can help

Each donation goes directly to current Mental Health Peer Support Workers to deliver services locally

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Sponsor our event and broadcast your dediction to mental health peer work

2021 star studded line up

Passion & Purpose Academy
Hannah Mouncey AFLW and Darebin Falcons
Kira-Lea Dargin First Indigenous Female Professional American Football (Gridiron) Athlete
Robbie Perkins!
Australian Online Therapy Training
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Relationships Australia
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mental health month 2020!
charity all star game

feedback from 2020

This thing keeps growing and we fully support it getting better and bigger
Lachlan Knight
Wellways NSW / ACT
We fully support Mental health peer work in Canberra and ready for more
Stuart Anderson
CIT- Community Services
The biggest part of this event is EVERYONE got involved. Every single fan got involved, it was not just sit back and watch event.
Shane Rattenbury
Mental Health Minister

our team

We have some of the best and brightest CIT students, Peer Workers, Social Workers and more delivering this cause

About Us

Help Now Group was founded in Canberra in 2016. We identified real gaps in mental health and supporting peer workers has been our 2019 calling

why peer support?

The National Mental Health Commission 2019 Reports, UK research consistently demonstrates that peer work is the missing link in Australia for sustainable mental health.

2019 proud supporters

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help now group pty ltd

ABN: 44 618 763 483

PH: 1300 019 621

EM: info@thehelpnow.org


Authorised Charitable Licence: 19001141

catch the game here 18.10.20