Gold Sponsorship Package


Gold sponsorship

1 Half Page Advertisement + Email blast to all GAME attendees

Reserved Seating for FOUR

*FOUR Exclusive
Bunker Box Seats WITH
*Unlimited Food and Drink

The primary benefits to sponsors will be exposure, brand loyalty, face-to-face engagement and endorsement. By having access to several hundred fans, mental health professionals and others face-to-face along with a thousand others through Help Now Group’s own media channels; sponsors will gain a competitive advantage in brand power. All paid sponsors will receive an exclusive podcast branding, over 1800+ LinkedIn impressions, Twitter and Facebook followers. There is also an opportunity of having a full-colour half-page or full-page advertisement (depending on the package) own our live site which gets 1,100 hits every two weeks.

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• Special mention at GAME Opening and Closing Ceremony
• 2 Gold+ Adult Canberra Cavalry 20/21 Membership ($700)
• 1 X Mid-Inning Showcase
• Customised Baseball Memorabilia Cards
• Sponsor’s logos and banners to feature prominently throughout the entire event (August 2020 through to 17 of October, 2020)
** Live Promotion of Sponsorship